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DIATON tonometer

diaton tonometer provides high reliability of measuring results and makes it possible to diagnose glaucoma on the early stage? appoint necessary treatment and medicines.

The unique methodology of intraocular pressure measuring through the eyelid applied in the device provides new resources in ophthalmotonometry, simplicity and safety of tests.

Transpalpebral "diaton" tonometer is effective and irreplaceable in various situations:

  • screening examinations of the patients
  • IOP control during selection of adequate medicines
  • IOP measuring in the presence in a patient of chronical conjunctivitis, erosions, edema and cornea dimness
  • IOP measuring in patients after corneal surgeries
  • ophthalmotone day monitoring
  • IOP measuring in immobilized patients and in children
  • IOP measuring during contact correction (lenses are not taken out).

New diaton tonometer has a number of indisputable advantages, making the IOP measuring process handy for the doctor and comfortable for the patient.

Features diaton Goldmann
Air-jet Ďonopen
No contact with the cornea +        
Portability +   +   +
Displays independence from cornea's crookedness.
Digital IOP indication +     + +
Measurement in sitting position + +   + +
Measurement in reclining position +   +   +
Short-time measurement +     +  
Sterilization is not required +     +  
Anesthesia is not required +     +  

Comparison tests of diaton tonometer and Goldman tonometer are the evidence of high reliability of diaton tonometer displays.


Measurement range, mm Hg 5-60
Measurement error Limit of the admissible measurement error in the range, not more:
from 5 to 20 mm Hg - ▒2 mm Hg;
from 20 to 60 mm Hg - ▒10%
The time of a single measurement, s, not more 3
Supply voltage, V 3
Number of measurements using one battery set, not less 1500
Service life, not less 5
Weight, g 89
Dimensions, mm, not more 174 § 26 § 20

Method for measuring the intraocular pressure through the eyelid and device for realizing the same are protected with the Patent of Russia ╣ 2123798, United States Patent ╣ US 6,394,954 ┬1 and Patent of Japan ╣3593314.